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Featured TV Shows

Watch Extant Online


Extant - Halle Berry plays an astronaut is the new Steven Spielberg produced sci-fi TV show Extant. New episodes of Extant air Wednesday nights on Global in Canada. Plus, recently aired episodes of Extant can be watched online for free in Canada. Full details here:

New Halle Berry TV Show "Extant"


Watch Bachelor in Paradise Online in Canada


Bachelor In Paradise - The Bachelor Pad has been cancelled but Bachelor in Paradise will be taking its place. New episodes of Bachelor in Paradise air Monday nights on Citytv and ABC starting Aug 4, 2014 and episodes of Bachelor in Paradise can be watched online for free in Canada. Details here:

Bachelor in Paradise


Watch The Quest Online in Canada


The Quest - The Amazing Race meets Lord of the Rings in the new reality / fantasy TV series "The Quest". New episodes of The Quest air Thursday nights on ABC and Citytv in Canada. Plus, you can stream full episodes of The Quest online for free. Full details here:

The Quest


Watch Beauty and the Beast Episodes Online


Beauty and the Beast - Last Car Standing is a new Canadian reality TV show in which owners of clunkers risk having their beater impaled on a huge spike for a chance winning cash for a vehicle upgrade. New episodes air Monday nights on Discovery Canada and recently aired episodes can be watched online from the Discovery Canada website. Full details here:

Beauty and the Beast




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